Boulder mat hybrid


Main characteristics:

– hybrid combination of the best features of a mat with a PVC cover (min. 900 g/m2) and a mat with a carpet on top
– the deflection characteristics of the mat translate into fewer injuries ensuring a stable posture during a jump
– overloading of the user on the mat maintained at optimal values, increasing the safety of the athlete
– very stable construction of the mat core in the form of inserts made of several layers of PU and RG foams with different densities and hardnesses
– harder inserts are used in the front line of the mat to ensure a stable entry to the mat and to increase its lifespan.
– DIY core assembly (no need to glue the inserts together)
– Highly durable top cover made of lining with flame-retardant class Cfl-s1 and PVC
– independent system of assembly of the PVC cover and the carpet allows exchange or correction of the carpet in 2m wide strips without the need to exchange the PVC cover
– no dust in the air thanks to the carpet (cleaning with a hoover)
– full corner and edge finishing
– Available as DIY (do-it-yourself) or with installation
– An additional feature of all our mat models is the soundproofing of jumps during training!
– wide range of colours depending on the surface to be ordered

Available versions:

– thickness: 30cm
– dimensions: according to client’s enquiry
– colour of the carpet: rich colouring among 18 colours




Eighteen colours of the carpet to choose:

Mounting the mat? Do not worry about that! We’ll take care of everything:

  • – Installation of the mat? Don’t worry about it! We will take care of everything:
  • – Before production we measure your walls and floor so that the mat fits perfectly.
  • – We recycle all waste material generated during installation, leaving a clean, vacuumed mat ready for use.
  • – No hidden costs such as forklift, waste, extra staff etc.
  • – Mat service after opening hours? No problem for us.
  • – Annual service during the warranty period.
  • – We have liability insurance.
  • – Together with the mat you will receive free products such as information labels, protective mats etc.