GRIP TRIP innovative training board

Grip Trip comes in two variants as standard:

– 1450mm x 1450mm
– vertical climbing – the required height of the premises is at least 350 cm,

– 2950mm x 600mm
– horizontal labyrinth – the required height of the premises is at least 270 cm.

The main advantage of Grip Trip, compared to standard pull-ups, is multi-directional movement. The weight is distributed alternately over several muscle groups, taking into account the precise coordination of the hands. Unlike the standard Pegboard, in which we move in straight lines – in Grip Trip, traffic runs, among others on a broken line, which requires increased focus on keeping the hands on the bar, engaging more muscles in the exerciser.

What makes Grip Trip so effective and attractive compared to other exercises?
It is a combination of static and dynamic load, which is a huge stimulus to increase for working muscles that are used to monotonous work with iron in the gym, including shoulder girdle. In practice, it is a large number of pull-ups, work with your own weight in various directions and amplitude. Exercise allows you to engage a very large number of muscle groups, incl. biceps, shoulder muscles, shoulder muscles, back and medial muscles, muscles of the forearm and wrist, many parts of the back muscles, such as the latissimus, trapezius muscles, smaller and larger round muscles, or infiltration muscles, and these are still only some of the muscles involved in the work during the Grip Trip training . In addition, the rectus


Fight the monotony in the gym!

Effective exercise training does not have to result in monotonous heavy lifting. Grip Trip improve it and diversify it.

Not only do they improve the gym to improve weight gain, but thanks to its availability, it will become a more interesting way to spend time on time.

Take the #GripTripChallenge challenge, face the maze, your own character and friends. Choose properly selected routes for you, the choice of which is endless.

Raise the bar after defeating the constitution, fixing the foundation, and the foundation.

Grip A trip to great fun, but above all an effective form of training!

A labyrinth that will perfectly prepare you for take-off in steeplechase

Grip Trip is a completely new training device. Its innovation is based on the combination of climbing
with the passage of a properly designated road.

The device engages a lot of muscle groups, which is an ideal solution for many athletes – including competitors taking part in obstacle runs, of which I have been a part for years. The possibility of training in an overhang or on bent arms in isometry makes the training varied and very intense.

There is no need to hide, Grip Trip is a demanding training tool, but since I have been using it, I cannot imagine a training unit without minutes devoted to wandering the maze.

It improves the strength of the back, grip, forearms and shoulders – requires a lot but gives the same amount. These are many possibilities that we can only dream about on other devices.

Tomasz “Sqwaru” Skwarek
Runmageddon trainer, owner of Carbon Silesia Sport, OCR Polska instructor

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